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Rokeby Probiotic Yoghurt is made the authentic Swedish way by slow fermenting fresh full cream milk with a specific blend of live cultures and probiotics. We source fresh, local Aussie milk, from a collection
of farms located in and around Victoria. The fermentation process acidifies the milk turning it into yoghurt with a thick and creamy texture and tart yoghurt taste.

Rokeby Farms Probiotic Yoghurt is perfect with cereal or fruit, in a smoothie or simply on its own. We recommend incorporating it into your daily routine- your taste buds and tummy will thank you for it!

Rokeby Probiotic Yoghurt is thinner in texture than yoghurt and thicker than milk. Perfect on its own, pouring over fruit or cereal or blending into smoothies.

Yes, our Probiotic Yoghurt can be added to recipes in cooking and baking. Please check out the recipe section of our website and also keep your eye out on our social media channels for inspiration on how to use our yoghurt.

Rokeby Probiotic Yoghurt is available in a 750g bottle and contains 3 x 250g serves.

Rokeby Probiotic Yoghurt is made with fresh full cream milk and live cultures and probiotics. Our Blueberry variety offers a flavoured alternative without any added sugar. Please see the relevant product pages on our website for more details.